18 Plus: Online Occupational Health & Safety Assurance System

To manage Health and Safety simply and effectively we have worked closely with the UK's leading provider of on-line Health & Safety Management Systems and developed a tried and tested on-line Health and Safety Management System which meets all the requirements of OHSAS 18001. 18 Plus takes the mystery out of Health and Safety and puts you back in control.
One of the main failings within many organisations is a lack of the effective management of Health and Safety and the subsequent torrent of required detail and information. This problem is very common and can lead to serious issues with overall staff safety and often has serious legal ramifications. In the most severe cases where people are seriously injured or killed, it can lead to hefty fines, large claims, the closure of operations and even prison sentences for owners, directors and managers.
18 Plus is our exclusive, web hosted Health and Safety Management System. Tailored to the OHSAS 18001, 18 Plus is perfect for ensuring legislative compliance is up to date, managing risk and controlling workplace accidents and incidents. 18 Plus will help you simply create a safer working environment for you, your staff, visitors and the general public.
18 Plus is very flexible and can be easily tailored to meet your organisation's unique requirements.
Once in place you have the opportunity of an independent external audit by an Accredited Certification Body and become officially Certified to OHSAS 18001.

• Benefits include:
• Easy and simply to use.
• Potential for reduction in accidents and incidents.
• Reduced insurance premiums.
• Automatic updates to all the latest legislation including 'Corporate Manslaughter'.
• Cost and time efficiencies.
• Powerful management reporting features.
• Hosted on secure servers so your system can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere provided there is broad-band available.
• Regular external performance monitoring by qualified Health and Safety professionals.
• Helpline managed by highly qualified professionals.
• Full IT support.
• Fully compliant with all UK health and safety legislation and HSE guidance.
• Peace of mind that the health, safety and welfare of your staff are well managed and supported.
• A system that is used successfully by over 9,500 companies throughout the world.

A key incentive to choosing 18 Plus as your organisations Health and Safety Management System is the amazing balance of benefits against the cost and the great return on investment you should enjoy.

• Initial Financial Savings on system costs.
• Less accidents means less staff time off.