Certification Choice

UKICM are very pleased to announce the introduction of our very own Independent and Impartial Auditing Team, working to ISO 17021 and Accredited by AIUK. This exciting new service has several certification options, offering flexibility on cost and commitment for all types and size of organisation.
There are now three main Certification types we can offer directly. This said we still maintain strong but impartial relationships with several other bona fide Accredited Certification Bodies, both in the UK and abroad, and will recommend these should this be a requirement of an organisations client.
The First Type of Certification we offer is AIUK Accredited Certification from the UKICM Certification arm.
The Second is Accredited Certification from any of our recommended Third Party Accredited Certification Bodies.
The Third is DAC Accredited ISO 9001 Certification through our partners QA Certification (for clients wishing to work in UAE).
Once again, as with our consultancy, we are specialising in the four key areas of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 27001 offering you and your organisation an unrivalled service starting from the first time you contact us.
AIUK Accredited Certification will suit most organisations small to medium size, but not offering services to the military, British Aerospace or Man-Guarding Services.
The costs for this are manageable for the majority of SME's with systems will being audited to the standard as required, but will not be as stringent as some other accredited bodies. Certification can be achieved from start to finish in as little as 4 weeks with this system.
Accredited Certification from one of our recommended Third Party Accredited Certification Bodies will also suit most organisations, small through to multinationals. These include AIUK, UKAS and ASCB(E) accredited Bodies. However the cost for these will be higher, due to regulation by the Accreditation Bodies placed upon the certification bodies. Audits are also more stringent than that of AIUK and will normally mean a time of 3-6 months minimum trading with a fully implemented system before an audit can be carried out.
DAC Accredited ISO 9001 Certification is suitable for any organisation working in the UAE or wishing to work in the UAE. As the UK representative for QA Certification we are able to Audit your systems to the required standard either in the UK or UAE with Certification being issued directly from QA Certification at very competitive rates. DAC is the Dubai Accreditation Centre and is a member of IAF in the UAE.
What ever type of audit you choose, be it with UKICM or from one of the other trusted bodies we recommend, you will only ever be allocated IRCA Certified Auditors to carry out your Certification or Surveillance Audits.
We now only offer Accredited Certification so your registration will be recorded and published on a Global Register for all your clients old and new to see.
Over the years UKICM have built a family of thousands of very satisfied clients from a wide and diverse variety of industry sectors. Large, medium and small companies are all reaping the many benefits that ISO Certification brings thanks to the whole hearted support and dedication of the UKICM team.
You don't need to take our word for this. Just ask and we will supply you with testimonies and references from our happy family of ISO Certified companies.

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