Using Accredited Certification Bodies for Auditing ensures your organisation total transparency and impartiality and will guarantee you the high quality and Impartial Auditing required to meet you and your clients' expectations.
Certification Bodies that do not align their systems to ISO/IEC 17021:2006/11 should be viewed at minimum with caution. Many will allude to this but some are not what they would have you believe.
Beware of certification bodies offering more than just gap analysis and audit. Beware the One-Stop-Shop!
Sadly there are a few rogue certification bodies that would appear to be completely bona fide with very impressive and convincing names and big boasts on their web sites. However they do not operate to the required standards of ISO 17021.
Under ISO 17021 a certification body is not allowed to offer any type of consultancy or anything that could be deemed as consultancy ie best practice examples, guidance or any specific training to any organisation it intends to Audit.
Should an unsuspecting company accept any such consultancy from an accredited certification body, they would be taking a serious risk.
Your organisation's 'Certification Audit' should, as best practice, be carried out by an IRCA Qualified Auditor, to the required ISO 19011:2002 Standard. This simple check reassures you and your clients that the audit carried out has been subject to the required impartiality and vigilance required. In return this gives any certificate issued real validity. 'Certification Bodies' that do not work to this and the ISO 17021 should be avoided at all costs.
A System which has not been audited and certified to these rules will most certainly not be up to the Standards Required and any subsequent Certification will have no real value.

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