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UKICM are very proud to be the UKs leading ISO Certification Consultancy. Through expert facilitation, unrivalled experience and our envied client support, our team of highly experienced and Certified Consultants will guide your business through the process to achieve ISO Certification, from a globally recognised Accredited Certification Body.
We are very happy to announce that UKICM now have an independent AIUK Accredited Audit Sector for Globally Accredited Certification and also acts as the sole agents for QA Certification, for DAC Accredited Certification in the UK and joint agents in UAE.
Initially established in 2002 and based on the south coast of England, UKICM have developed a specialised range of ISO Consultancy and Auditing Services, available right across the UK, into Europe and beyond. We now fully support clients in the UK, Dubai, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, America, Mexico and Hungary to name a few.
Specialising in the main four key areas of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 or ISO 27001, we offer all of our clients an unrivalled service which starts from the first time you contact us, right through to and beyond your registration and certification from an Accredited Certification Body.
We will only offer you IRCA Certified Auditors to carry out your consultancy, documentation and support, so you can rest assured that when it comes to your Independent Audit, your systems will be 'Firing an all Cylinders'.
We only use Accredited Certification Bodies to carry out your Audits and Certification. Your registration will then be recorded and published for all to see on a Global Register.
The UKICM 3 Simple Step approach towards ISO Certification is simple, measurable and achievable for all types and sizes of businesses, from 'one man bands' to multinational organisations with offices around the world. Our special blend of expertise, inside knowledge, friendly and experienced consultants will make your ISO experience as straight forward as you can possibly get. Give us a call or click the link to get the ball rolling for your business.
Our 100% Pass Success Rate speaks for itself.
Over the years UKICM have built a family of thousands of very satisfied clients from a wide and diverse variety of industry sectors. Large, medium and small companies are all reaping the many benefits that ISO Certification brings thanks to the whole hearted support and dedication of the UKICM team.
You don't need to take our word for this. Just ask and we will supply you with testimonies and references from our very happy family of ISO Certified companies.

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